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In other words, they are not computer generated readings, I write them with heart and I usually ask for it to be dedicated to those who the Universe plans it for each month, since that way I don't control or limit the benefits of the reading.   No monthly reading is ever the same.  

I draw one card per star sign each month and channel their message for you, it usually highlights the most predominant energy around you in a month and if you want further information, there are links to purchase a full reading below, or within your monthly readings. 

I sincerely hope that you enjoy.
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About Michelle
I think one of the first things you might need to know about me is that I'm very camera shy - which is why you haven't seen my photo yet.  I don't have many photographs and I'm waiting for the right time (a  'I feel good day' and somebody around who can take decent pictures) before I can get my picture up - they will arrive soon, I promise.

So, about me (don't you love writing about yourself?!) I live in the heart of the UK, I am psychic (I sense things mostly, but do see visions, I also get a touch wobbly when a large world impacting event happens or just before), but I'm not Clairvoyant professionally (I don't contact the dead). 

I'm also a huge animal lover, and probably one day will do more work toward helping animals.

I think that oftentimes, a life coach in general can be expensive, and a tarot reader too mystical and can be disempowering if they use predictions' but many times a tarot reader ends up consulting individuals about how to manage their life, we often meet individuals who just need a signpost in life and a bit of guidance about how to handle a situation or move from being stuck, and this is how I work.   I'm like a cheap life coach, with a bit of extra magic I suppose!

My work is all about empowering people, and all living beings.  You will leave a reading from me understanding how you can move forward in your life and what changes you might need to make.  

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